I want to make a difference.

My heart is full of compassion, full of love, full of sadness. It senses the heartfelt cries of God's creations.

Stuck in a shelter, with no one to show love to, no one to place their loyalty, their faithfulness in, they lose hope. They are surrounded by evil, full of dog fights, squished kennels, and cold bare floors. Many are abandoned by their owners. Others are strays, patiently waiting every day for their owners to find them, most never receiving this dream. Some have had a past of brokenness and abuse,  leading into a place in the shelter.

Their desperate souls cry out.
Their paws mark my heart. God made such beautiful creations. His beauty shines through dogs, their unconditional love and faithfulness reflecting His. But not only do they give this love, they desire some in return.
Instead they end up without a home, without a family, without love.

A year ago, I never would've thought I'd be where I am today. When you give God the wheel, He takes you places you never would've imagined. He is so good. Having to volunteer for a school project left me confused on what to do, but through my prayers, God led me right to the local animal shelter. My life rapidly changed.

Volunteering became an almost daily routine. The least I could do for the dogs was to volunteer, to temporarily provide and love them until they reach their forever homes, to be an advocate and a voice for them.

I've learned that every dog has a story, each in need of affection. We should never blame the dogs, but the humans, for every behavior situation is affected by their past, the treatment humans gave them and the training they previously received. I've learned that the pit bull reputation needs to end, that they're actually one of the sweetest breeds. Most of all, I've learned that while I don't know what my future holds for me, I know that God holds it, and He's revealed my desire to change the world, to help His creations in need, to fulfill His calling of protecting and maintaining our authority over the animals.

I want to make a difference.

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