Doggy Kisses & the Creator's Love

   As a volunteer at the animal shelter, I meet a number of dogs every week that touch my heart and bring me to a state of compassion. I meet dogs of different temperaments, ones with various levels of comfort and assurance with humans, which is so often dependent on their previous circumstances, but most of all, I experience a love that is so real, a bonding so close. Oftentimes, I will meet dogs of extreme affection. These are the dogs that will shower you in kisses again and again. Recently, I have interacted with such dogs.

Super sweet Aymie at Clay Cty Animal Control
   It's the kisses of a dog that show that you are wanted. It's their kisses that say, "I love you", and "Thank you for being here for me". Other times, it's a simple "hello".  Whatever the case, it's the kisses of a dog that show that you are loved, that show that just as the love of a dog remains constant, the same should be returned to them.

   It's the kisses of a shelter dog that bring me back to volunteering. The consistent, never-ending love of a shelter dog. A love that remains even when they're dumped by their owners, abused, beaten, or are feeling worn down from months upon months of being in a shelter. A love that they so desperately desire in return. It's their love that is a reminder that we really are not alone. It's their love that reflects the love of our Creator, a love so deep and so wide that no matter what our circumstance, no matter what we do, His grace is sufficient, and His love for us doesn't end.

And just when we fall and feel like no one could ever love us because of what we have done, Jesus stands with open arms, waiting for us to surrender.

What a glorious picture of the love God has for us, which is a hundred times stronger than the love of His beautiful creatures.

It's a doggy kiss, the never-failing love of these shelter creatures, that remind me that I am not alone. The simple, little things of life are enough to prove it. We are not alone. We are loved. And the forgiving, unconditional kiss of a dog is a beautiful reminder of this profound truth.

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