In Control

Somehow, in the midst of chaos and trouble and oh-so-much stress, there is a peace in knowing that I am not in control. Sure, I can make myself the one in control, but by becoming the driver of a life lacking pure vision of the future, despite what I think I want in my future, I will end up in a maze. Lately, I've been stressed out with college class decisions; I have no idea which way to turn and I fear that I will make a decision that is outside the will of God. But by letting Him take the wheel, there's a peace in my heart and a joy in my spirit that surpasses all feelings of doubt and stress and fear of what to do. Such a peace and joy is the fruit of the Spirit of God, because it is only through the Lord that we can abound in goodness.

So, I may be more confused than ever, but one thing I still know: God is in control. And when an all-eternal, sea-parting, bush-burning, miracle-forming, ultimate healing, and completely-good God has the wheel of my life, good things are bound to be in my future.

I'm trusting Him with my life. Are you?

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  1. Jesus is in control and I wouldn't have it any other way. Amen!


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