Through My Eyes

Gandorf at Clay County Animal Control
I'm alone. Surrounded by the thunderous noise of the other residents, barking fills the room. I spend my nights alone, with no human to snuggle with, no human to feed me and love me. I live in this temporary place called the shelter, and it is my dream that I will be leaving here soon. I'm ready for a family. I'm ready to be loved. The shelter treats me nicely and I know I'm in good hands, but I am afraid. This place is scary. There are so many other animals, so many strange people going in and out, roommates fighting off and on. I just want someone to let me out. I crave freedom. I just want to be loved.

In the middle of all of this, these humans come in. I look out the bars of my kennel with sad eyes, hoping for a chance, for some love. Soon enough, I'm taken out! These humans, called volunteers, spend some time with me. After spending hours upon hours, and often days upon days, alone in this kennel, I'm finally given a chance to run freely, to play, and to be loved.

My past has been rough. In all the years of my life, I don't often experience love the way these volunteers have been providing to me. I rest my head against her hand. My mouth curves into a smile. My eyes couldn't stay open as the girl rubs my back and head. Heaven is brought to earth. There are no words to describe what I am feeling.

I've been dreaming of a forever family, someone who will give me the love that I so freely will give to them. I have been through a lot, but I will look forward. Many humans don't act with love and kindness. They throw us out of trucks and leave us to die. Others have been given up by their owner, just because they are no longer wanted. We come in injured or with a broken heart.

Touch is beautiful. Just the petting of a dog can bring so much hope. Just dedicating some time out of a heart of compassion can change lives. Just being present can transform situations. Sometimes, when one is alone, just a simple touch in the midst of loneliness can brighten a day. Touch is a God-given gift, and the result of pure compassion is transforming.

I know, because of the love that the group of volunteers has shown me. Love is a beautiful, transforming thing. And I know that my day is coming, a day where I will be asleep in a comfy bed, in a house surrounded by other humans who will wrap me up in the arms of love.

That day is coming soon. I just know it.

Sincerely, Gandorf & his friends at Clay County Animal Control

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