No More Condemnation

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In a world filled with negativity, condemnation, and guilt, one word still remains: grace.

I've been learning so much recently about the modern church and how the world's view of the body of Christ is so much different than it should be. In a world filled with condemnation, the church is seemingly putting in the most effort.

The problem is, a Christ follower isn't perfect and nor is anyone else in this world.

Yet we tend to forget that.

All too often we forget that the God we follow isn't the one we're living like.
 For if every follower of Christ truly lived like Him, they would see that Jesus never came to condemn, but to love and to save the lost. He didn't come to tell others they are doing wrong, even though He had every right to do so as the holy Son of God. Yet the people who committed the "worst" of sins, according to the people of that time, were drawn to Him. They wanted to be near Him. They desired a relationship with Him.

If we are following Christ, shouldn't we be like Him? Yet the church has a dramatically different reputation than Jesus ever had. We have become known as this group of judgmental, hateful, and condemning Jesus followers who really don't follow the example of Christ like we state. We are viewed as hypocritical. We have become more known for condemnation than what Jesus said His disciples would be known for: love.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35

Church, I think it's time we start loving one other rather than bringing others down. Condemnation doesn't accomplish anything but lead others even farther away than they already are. I think it's time that we really, truly, start living like the One who we claim to follow and exemplify grace, rather than hate, in all that we do.

Because we are all sinful. We all deserve punishment.

But Jesus paid the price. His grace covers us. And no matter what others say or do, His grace covers their sins too.

In a world of condemnation, grace still remains, wrapped up in the loving hands of a Savior who gave His life on a cross, whose blood was poured out for us. 

Grace is beautiful. It's time to live it.

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