He Sees Mended

When you see broken beyond repair 
I see healing beyond belief
When you see too far gone
I see one step away from home
When you see nothing but damaged goods
I see something good in the making
I'm not finished yet
When you see wounded, I see mended

I see my child, my beloved
The new creation you're becoming
You see the scars from when you fell
But I see the stories they will tell
You see worthless, I see priceless
You see pain, but I see a purpose 
You see unworthy, undeserving
But I see you through eyes of mercy

Excerpt from Mended//Matthew West

Brokenness will abound in a heart that's been hurt more times than you can remember. Mistakes may seem endless, so much so that you've lost count. Thoughts of a life lacking purpose may fill your head.

The past can be haunting. It may be painful just to think about.

Maybe you feel like your heart is too broken to be fixed. That your life is too messed up to get back up again. And definitely too messed up to be loved by a good God.

Scratch that.
                  not too broken                                 never too messed up
Your heart is too broken to be fixed. Your life is too messed up to get back up again. And definitely too messed up to be loved by a good God. 
not too messed up

At the foot of the cross is sacrificial love and never-ending mercy. Jesus died so that our broken hearts could be repaired. He gave up His life so that the punishment for our sin would be laid upon Him instead. We don't have to live thinking that God doesn't love us or that we are too messed-up and sinful to even think that He cares about us because Jesus would've died for no reason then. It doesn't matter who has made more mistakes--sin is sin in the eyes of God. 

You're not too far gone. Your heart is not too hurt to be restored. There is healing in the name of Jesus. There is restoration; there is purpose. There is worth. 

Just like Matthew West sings in his song, "Mended", God is not finished yet. We may stray from Him and live according to our own desires, but He can use our mistakes and our bad experiences and transform them for His glory, if only we let Him. He can use the hurt, the damage, all of the brokenness from the experiences and relationships in our past, and bring good again. He is the healer of our scars and of our hurts. When we see no purpose, when we see pain, when we see broken beyond relief...

He sees purpose. He sees something good in the making. He sees healing beyond belief. 

He is not finished yet. Your past is not too big for God. You are not too tough of a case for Him to handle. He finds joy in making new. The mercies and freshness of the morning each day is proof. He can use your mistakes and hurts and create a testimony. He can revive a hurting heart and bring back joy and peace and life again. 

When we see wounded, He sees mended. He can repair your broken heart. He can restore your messed-up life.

He sees us through eyes of mercy. That's why Jesus died. That's the result of His love for us.

His unending, relentless, crazy love. 

My heart has been mended by the cross--
Because of the mercy and love of Jesus Christ. 

Yours can be too. 

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