A Different Kind of Love

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You are loved.

Really, you are loved more than you can imagine.
  The God who put the stars in the sky, who created the birds of the air and every creature on the ground, the God who knew Your name before the universe even began, loves you. 

   He doesn't just love you with a human kind of love. His love is so much greater, so much bigger, so much different. He loves you with a love that is perfect, a love that is sacrificial, a love that is never-failing. He loves you so much that He sent His holy Son, His One and Only Son, Jesus, to die for your sins. Jesus is completely holy, fully God but fully man. He never did wrong.

    Yet His love for you is so strong. He desired reconciliation with the Father for all of us, redemption and new life in Him. He bled and died a horrible death on the cross in our place. Oh, how undeserving He was to die on that cross! Yet, He died.

Really think about it.
Somebody died for you. Jesus died for you.

   The story isn't over. Not only did He die, but He rose from the grave! No power, no love, NOTHING can stop the God of the impossible! We are given new life through Jesus, because He truly is who He says He is!

   His love is a different kind of love. A love that is strong enough to save you, to change you, and to make you truly complete and satisfied. Nothing in this world will satisfy. His love is the only love that will satisfy.

    With that being said, it doesn't matter what your past is or how many sins you have committed. Jesus didn't die just for a select amount of people that meet a number of standards. Everyone is sinful. He died for you. Nothing can separate you from His love.

    This Valentine's Day, no matter what your relationship status is, remember that the greatest love that exists not only in this world, but out of this world, is the love of Jesus Christ. No love from any human is as great as the love of our God.

    And if you're single and wishing you had that special someone, then fix your eyes on Jesus. When you fix your eyes on the One who already loves you, the One who calls you by name, you live life with purpose. He is all we need, no matter what the magazines tell us or what the rest of the world believes. When we live life for Him, we will be truly satisfied. And if He provides that special someone, which He most likely will, in the midst of living for Him, then accept His gift! But in the end, remember that no matter what happens, life is temporary. Jesus is all we need. His love is all we need.

You truly are loved. Don't forget it!

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