Bigger Than My Writing Capabilities

  I am not the best writer in the world. I make plenty of mistakes. I struggle with wording sentences. So many times, I know I don't make sense. Sometimes it takes me ten minutes to write a post, and other times, it can take hours upon hours because the words just don't come right away.

  I am not writing to display how talented I am. I am here to encourage and to follow the will of the One who enables me to write.

  Because honestly, He is the reason I am able to write. Before every post, I ask God to provide the words and to speak through me to whoever stumbles across my blog. And every time, He does. I know that my posts are not all from me, because I never could do this on my own.

   My capabilities are limited and my audience may be small, but my God is bigger. All I can ask is that God speaks through me to the people who need to hear encouragement and truth the most. If that means one person, so be it. All I could wish for is for people to know and discover who they are in the eyes of our Creator and to know their worth because of the sacrifice of Jesus.

   This blog is a collision of a passion for writing, a faith in a God who is bigger than anything I do in life, and the movement of the Spirit who enables me to write these posts and who makes beautiful things out of dust. I may not be the best writer, but God can make beautiful out of nothing.

God is bigger than my writing capabilities. This powerful truth is what keeps me going.
It is my hope and my prayer that this blog encourages and strengthens you, and that God will continue to reach people as I follow His bigger and better plan, and seek to do what He wills.

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