I Believe in Miracles (A Plea For Help At CCACC)

Smokie at Clay County Animal Control
This is a cry for a movement, a change, a revolution.

   My heart is crying out. Thoughts are swarming my mind. A deep desire to do something, to make a difference, is pulling at my heartstrings. I am praying consistently for a miracle, a plea to the God of the impossible. He is the One who can do all things, things outside of our human capabilities.

   As a volunteer at the animal shelter, and a big-time dog lover, my heart has been broken to see, hear, and experience the overcrowding that is currently going on at Clay County Animal Control. Dogs upon dogs have come in as strays. Even worse, many have been surrendered by their owners. Sadly, as hard as the shelter is trying to reach the no-kill status, our shelter is still a kill shelter. When the shelter is filled to the brim and not one open space is available, there is no other option but to euthanize. It hurts me to see that our shelter is undergoing such a horrible situation, due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of mankind.

We need your help. The sweet souls of those desiring for a forever home to recline in and a family to love and cuddle with needs YOU.

You could be the reason why lives are saved.

If you are considering a new furry family member, please come adopt.
If you would be willing to open up your home temporarily for a dog in need, please foster.
If you have lost your pet, please check out the shelter!
If you are a part of a rescue, please consider pulling some of the many sweet dogs available!

  Tomorrow is the big day. There is not one space left in the shelter. Will you consider helping? Join me in praying for a miracle tomorrow. I truly know that God is a compassionate God and that He cares. Not only that, but please share and inform our community of the overcrowding issue at Clay County Animal Care & Control.

This is a plea for help.

Because I believe in hope.
I believe in second chances.
I believe in miracles.

Do you?

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