In The Battle...

Through You we push back our enemies;
through Your Name we trample our foes.
I put no trust in my bow, 
my sword does not bring me victory;
but You give us victory over our enemies,
You put our adversaries to shame.
In God we make our boast all day long,
and we will praise Your Name forever.
Psalm 44:5-8

In Christ, we are strengthened, we are powerful, and we are victorious. In every battle, we can trust in Him and call upon His Name. He cares. He moves. The victory is in Him.
And this is all because of His everlasting and immeasurable love for us.

I've learned four powerful truths about who God is during the battles of our lives, upon reading these verses and from circumstances of this past year:

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1. In the battle, He is with us.

  God is real and is moving in our lives. There is no doubt about it. Every day, there are events that are not explainable. Lives are saved. People meet in the strangest of ways. Miracles happen. People are cured. And every day, people devote their lives to Christ and are completely cleansed of their sins and of their previous way of living. God is with us. In verse 5, it doesn't say that we 'push back our enemies' in our 'battle' of life only when God is with us; but rather, through Him, we do so. He is always with us and is working on our behalf.

2. In the battle, we can do all things through Him.

  When we face conflict, surrender is the first step to victory. No, surrendering to our 'enemies', or the people or things that are a part of our battles, will not end in victory. Surrendering and giving up on ourselves in the battle, whether it's a matter of healing, an exam, or just the process of trusting in God for a miracle, will end in defeat. But rather, when we surrender ourselves and all of our strength and capabilities to the One who is completely capable of winning our battles, we end up at the foot of victory rather than defeat. That is when we are able to truly win our battles. So in the battle, when we surrender everything to our ultimate Strength Provider, and trust that He will come through every time, we will ultimately be able to do all things through Him. It takes faith, but God works through those who are open to letting Him move and who truly believe that He will do so.

3. In the battle, He gives us the victory.

  When you trust that God will provide in the time of your battle, prepare for victory. Prepare for His provision. Prepare to take another step in your relationship with Him as you experience His love again and again. He will provide when you trust in Him. However, that doesn't mean you should just sit back and watch and wait for Him to move. He works through those who are ready to move when He calls us to. As for the process of healing, don't give up. Stay positive. Don't stop praying. As for the exam, study your heart out. Do all that you can with what you have, and God will use what you study and what you have learned to lead you to victory. If you're waiting for a miracle, whatever it may be, don't give up and keep doing all that God is calling you to do. Nothing is impossible with God. Just trust Him.

4. In the battle, we can boast, but not because of what we have done, but what He has done through us.

  We are victorious through Him, but that doesn't mean that we should be able to boast about what we have done because of the miracles God is providing in our lives. Let every circumstance bring no glory to you, but all glory to God, the One who provided and who is truly the One who is victorious. Use your victories to point others to Christ and encourage others to trust in Him, rather than their own capabilities.

  We cannot do anything worthwhile on our own. Trust in God, seek Him with all of your being, and He will lead you to victory. Whatever battle you may be facing, don't stop trying. God is our Provider, and He does everything out of love and grace. He is with you in all that you face!

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