A Beautiful Bond

   There is a beautiful bond between a dog and a human. Such a bond is strung together by drops of a dog's loyalty, and of a dog's friendship, and, most important of all, of a dog's love. There is no greater thing than love. What a beautiful representation of the Creator's love for us, that He would display such a wonderful kind of love in His creation! Maybe I'm just crazy passionate about dogs...but wow.

   I met Smokie several months ago at Clay County Animal Care & Control​. Since meeting him, I have discovered more and more of how amazing of a dog he is. So well-mannered and affectionate, with a gentle disposition, Smokie is a boy that I would take home in a heartbeat. He has the cutest mannerisms, from holding his food bowls in his mouth once finished eating (which, from being in the shelter for such a long period of time, he doesn’t do this so much anymore), to his absolute love for tennis balls, to the most gentle hugs he gives, this boy is in need of a family to give him all of the love he deserves.

   Smokie, as well as his other friends at the shelter, are examples of the beauty of the bond between a dog and a human, the reason why dogs truly are man’s best friend. Smokie’s loyalty and love for people is undying. It's a reminder of the beautiful bond between a dog and a human. Spending so much time with this sweet boy has definitely built an amazing bond that I will never forget. He becomes attached (which, quite honestly, I’ve become attached to him in return), which is a great symbol of his loyalty and of the love that he will have for his future family, whoever that may be.  Due to his previous experiences in a home, he needs to be with a family where he would be the only dog.

   The love of a dog, despite the flaws of humanity and the so many horrible acts committed towards such innocent creatures, is the reason why I have decided to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. The homeless animals lack a voice yet unconditionally love. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s time to stand up for them and be their voice.


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