Living In Truth

Our society is built on the ideas of humanity. Such ideas are founded on the lies of the enemy, rather than the truth of God's Word.

This world needs a revolution of truth, and the only way we, as Christians, can deflect the lies of the enemy that are hidden in the ways of the world, is to read, study, and live out the truths of the Bible.

   But so often, we make reading the living Word, our life-giving, spirit-refreshing, TRUTH-holding book lovingly given to us by the Creator God, an item on our daily checklist. Way too often do I  procrastinate my daily Quiet Time in the Word, when I should be making time with Him the first thing I run to.

It's a shame. But it doesn't have to be this way.

   There are distractions, obstacles, IDOLS that are in our lives and which Satan excitedly uses to push our time in the Word out of our lives. Such idols are deadly and replace the priority that God should have in our lives. These obstacles can look like: television, movies, phones, Internet, social media, time with friends, relationship with boyfriend/girlfriend or even spouse, and even time with the family. None of these things are inherently bad; in fact, much of it is often positive and even good. The problem is, when we place such things before our Creator, these obstacles aren't just blocks in our paths...they become an idol and take the place of GOD.

   I struggle so often with getting on the Internet, especially social media, in the morning and throughout the day, and waste so much precious time mindlessly scrolling through my news feed, when I could be spending my valuable time in the Word of God, soaking in His beautiful truths and enabling me to live out the life that He has called us all to live.

   What would happen if, instead of having my cell phone besides my bed, I replaced it with my Bible instead? What would my life look like if, instead of checking Facebook the minute I wake up in the morning, I check out the living Word of God and soak in His deep, spiritual truths?

For you, it might be something completely different. Whatever it is, will you join me in gaining discipline and learning how to shatter the idols consuming our lives?

   This world is filled with ideas that aren't founded on the truths of God's Word. We need to set out to read His Word, study His Word, and make our lives about Him and what He says in His Word! It's a matter of priority, but ultimately, it's an issue that starts with our hearts. It's time to set our hearts on God and fix our eyes on Him. We can't live the way God has called us to live if we haven't read His manual. Will you join me?

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