Every Dog Has a Story (Sharing Yogi)

Every shelter dog has a story. Every story has a past. Every story has a beginning.

    Some of their pasts are filled with heartbreak, sadness, and abuse. Some are strays, whether they were deserted by their owners, wandered from their homes, or never had a home to begin with. Other stories are clear to the shelter: dogs that have been surrendered by their owners, dogs that gave their love unconditionally to their families but had no choice but to be separated.

    Such stories are normally unknown, but it's evident that every story contained heartbreak at some point. It's in the midst of their story that they end up at the shelter. It's because of their stories that I've realized the necessity of volunteering, for loving them during that short time of their life in the shelter.

There is hope for every shelter dog. Every story has a beginning.

    From the time I saw Yogi, I always had a special bond with him. He was a stray, and in his first few days at the shelter, he was overcome in fear. The new environment, surrounded by the cries of other dogs with different, yet similar, stories, was enough to make him fearful.  He would lay in the corner of his kennel and would kiss me through the bars, but when I opened the door, he refused to walk out. I decided to wait until he was ready.

    About a week later, he began to be adjusted to his temporary place in the shelter. We were able to walk him and spend time in the play pen. He was such a sweetheart. All he wanted was love, affection, more love, affection, LOVE. All he gave was love. He sat by my side, rolled over, asked for belly rubs, and cuddled.

    Soon enough, he was adopted, then returned. A few weeks later, he was adopted again, then returned. I'm not sure what happened, but I don't blame anyone. I believe he wasn't meant to be in those homes. There is a family still out there that God has in mind, one that Yogi will fit right in, and not only will it be great for him, but he will play a role in helping the family. God has a reason for everything. As the Author of our lives, knitting together each and every one of our stories, He is working everything together for the good of those who love Him, and I know that everything will work out in the end for His children. That includes the shelter dogs. His love is relentless.

  Yogi is ready for a new beginning, a start in a forever home. He is ready for a family that will answer his plea for belly rubs and cuddling, and will stay with him no matter what happens.

  Every story has a past, but every story also has new beginnings. I know Yogi's is coming. My heart is full of hope as I continue to partake in his story.

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