In the Discouraging Times

Sometimes I feel discouraged...beaten down, broken, not good enough.

I've been learning that it's impossible to be liked by everyone. It's impossible to please people AND please God. It's impossible to be perfect.

However, there is good news! I have learned that JESUS came to earth to be the PERFECT for me, because no one will ever be 'good enough', no one will ever have it all together, no one is holy, except Jesus. He is the only One who is holy, yet He died for us. The only Holy One, yet He died for OUR sins! How loving, how great, how amazing our God is, that He would sacrifice His life for what we did! We owe so much more than He gets. He deserves all of our lives.

I have learned that in the times of discouragement, in the times of heartbreak, of hatred, of not being liked, there is a God who loves me and who is watching me. He is holding me in the palm of His hands, and He will never leave me.

He loves all of us that much. Our past, our present, or our future is not too big for Him. His grace is sufficient.

And with that love, there's no reason to be knocked down by the discouraging times. I must rest in His love.

I've learned that He loves me.

Most of all, He loves you. 

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