I'm Learning To Be An Encourager.


I'm learning to be an encourager.

I'm striving to help others in whatever they are facing.
I desire for others to be inspired and feel loved by reading these posts and by knowing me personally.
I want to be the reason that others don't give up.
I want to acquire a humble, serving heart that places the needs of others above my own.

I hope to share God's love in all that I do.
Most of all, I want the way I live my life to inspire others to be like me. I want to lead others to Him.

I'm learning to share my thoughts when I like something, to compliment and make others feel loved. I'm learning that a simple comment or like on a Facebook profile may be enough to raise a girl's self esteem. I'm learning of my love to encourage others through writing. I'm learning to make a difference, just by increasing my love for others, a love that is a reflection of Jesus' love for every one of us. 

I pray this blog is a tool used to encourage YOU, as I hope to write posts that are uplifting and inspiring.

I'm learning to be an encourager. 

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