A Night I'll Never Forget (Winter Jam 2015)

    What an amazing weekend (particularly Friday) in attending one of the largest tours in the country, Winter Jam! I am so blessed to have been able to attend and manage to make it through the doors despite the thousands of people in line!

    Surrounded by thousands of believers worshiping and having fun for the glory of God, every year's show always leaves me with a larger passion for Jesus and a craving to go back the following year! The crowds, the long lines, the music, the sermon, everything about the event makes it unforgettable. It was my third year returning to Winter Jam, and every year is one that I'll never forget.

     Singing "Where I Belong" by Building 429, worshiping with Jeremy Camp and his song, "The Way", and overwhelmed by the glory of God shining through the talents of For King & Country and Francesca Battistelli was some of the many amazing moments of the night. Meeting Joel Smallbone from For King & Country (along with his wife, Moriah Peters, who I had no idea was going to be there!) and Jeremy Camp was an added bonus. Although my phone died in the middle of my picture being taken with Joel and Moriah, my phone saved one picture that was taken (hence my awkward position) that I am still so thankful for! Not only that, I was beyond blessed that my sweet friend Victoria attended the show with me, along with my mom, little sister, and my sister's friend. Victoria is one of the sweetest girls I know and I cannot stop thanking God for our friendship!

    So many mishaps, yet everything put together made the night an amazing one. Most of all, I left wanting more. I left excited for the day in Heaven where all the believers will gather and will sing praises to God just as a small portion do in Winter Jam every year. I also left analyzing the way I've been living my life. I gave my life to Christ several years ago, yet I mess up. We were all born with the sinful nature; thus, a life lived for Christ will not provide perfection. It will provide grace, love, and a reason to live,the true purpose we were all destined to live for: the glory of God. The words of Pastor Tony Nolan have been ringing in my ears consistently since hearing his inspirational and moving message: "I choose Jesus above me."

    I have chosen Jesus above me, yet I don't always live up to my promise and surrender to God. My sinful nature sometimes leads to selfish actions. Living for myself will get me nowhere. Living for God will lead to true satisfaction. Why live for anyone other than Him when He is the only One who can truly satisfy in this life? He chose me, and in discovering His act of love, I chose Him and surrendered years ago. Though I mess up, I am reminding myself recently to question my actions before I proceed, to analyze my heart and motivations, and to make sure every move I make brings all glory to God, rather than myself.

    As Tony Nolan talked about, God sees us as we are. He sees through our happy "selfies", sees past the good moments, and knows every negative trait and memory of our lives and our hearts. Yet He loves us, and sent His Son to die for us. Despite our dirty hearts of sin and our selfish ambitions, His love is unfailing and doesn't depend on anything that we do. There's no love higher than the love of our God! All He asks is for your heart and your life surrendered to Him, a life no longer lived to make yourself happy but to make Him happy. His plans are so much better than our own, so why not live for Him? Jesus chose you despite everything that you've done.

With that being said, will you choose Jesus above yourself?

Let that be our declaration for the rest of our lives, our motivation to change any action in the future that brings glory to anyone but Jesus.

I won't stop thanking God for a night that I will always remember. He uses Winter Jam to change lives. Even more, He's moving in your life. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. Will you choose Him?


  1. You are such an incredible writer and you have a beautiful soul! God truly blessed you with a wonderful gift! I know everyone sees God's light in you and I hope you continue to let it shine for the rest of your life. Love you so much and I am so glad we went to Winter Jam together and even more blessed to have you as a friend. xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Victoria!! Love you♥

  2. Hi, you just described what most of what I exper last night at the Winter Jam here in South Florida! I followed Tony Nolan's tweet about your blog to you. And, he is right everyone should read this. Thank for showing and reminding me I have so much to be grateful for. What wonderful way to start the New Year :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am so glad you went through Tony Nolan's tweet to reach my blog. So happy God used me to remind you of that. Thanks again!


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