An Unforgettable Shelter Pup (Sharing Petra)

   If I could, I would spend all day every day volunteering at the animal shelter. My passion enlarges in every experience, as another day is added to the many wonderful moments I've spent volunteering. I am a huge dog lover. But more importantly than that, God placed a calling in my life, a seed in my heart, that is growing and growing as I answer His callings for my life and strive to change the lives of the shelter dogs. Oh, how much I enjoy spending time with them! Recently, I've been hanging out with one particular dog frequently, and my love for her is so big!

    Petra is an absolute cutie. A dog like her astounds me by staying in the shelter this long. She loves every single person she meets, has a personality that is out of this world, and is a girl that is inevitably unforgettable. I love her. She rolls over every time I look at her, with an adorable little smile, and shows that all she wants to do is cuddle, snuggle, love, love, love! She wants nothing more but a family to adore and call her their own.  Every time I sit down, she runs over, gives hugs and kisses, and makes clear that all she wants is to be by my side or in my lap. She's constantly reaching out her paw, placing it up against my hand, as if to say, "Thank you for spending time with me." I cannot get over how sweet she is.

   I'm sharing Petra in the hopes that she'll receive the best home at the best time, the perfect family that she deserves. She's selective about other dogs (although any aggression towards them seems to be out of fear),  so a family that places all of their attention on her, as an only dog, would probably be best; however, with proper training and introduction, she would likely be fine.

  I love Petra. She has left a mark in my life, as my passion for dogs continuously enlarges (if that's even possible!), and my hopes are that she'll receive a home soon, leaving a mark in a family that loves her as much as she loves them!

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