A Shelter Dog & Unconditional Love (Sharing Poppy)

    From the moment I saw Poppy at the shelter's adoption center, I realized what a special girl she was. Her tail was going a mile a minute while greeting me with lots of kisses through the cage door. She had a personality that lit up the room. I loved her. All she gave was love, an unconditional love that wasn't dependent on our flaws or our past, but a love that continued no matter who we are. She made it evident that all she wanted was love in return.

   Taking her on a walk, I noticed how well she did on a leash. Smaller build but only seven months old, she walked calmly. She snuggled when I sat down with her. She was absolutely adorable.

    A few days later, I met her again at the main shelter. Every time I sat down, she climbed into  my lap. Not only that, but I was overcome in how smart she was. She knew how to sit, shake, and lie down on command, and I wouldn't be surprised if she knew other commands as well. She had a heart that desired to please and obey. All she wanted was to be surrounded by acceptance and love as she sought to make me happy.

    Poppy was an owner surrender when she was brought into the shelter. Such a sad reality, but a reality that is all too familiar. So many dogs are given away by their owners every week, dogs that give all their life to please and love their owners, yet the opposite is returned to them. I'm not sure what situation Poppy was in, but she does not let her past nor her current situation determine who she is or how she'll react. She continues to love, shine, and be the cutie that she is.

      Her unconditional love is inspiring. She shows the traits of God's love and the way He redeems us and cares for us despite what we've done, where we've been, or how we have treated Him. We really are loved. Not only that, but she motivates me to love others unconditionally, just as she loves people despite whatever she's been through, and again, just as God does for us. What would it look like if I lived a life filled with God's love so much that people noticed when I walked in the room? How much change would occur if I had a heart so willing to obey and please God that no obstacle in my way can stop me? What would happen, if one by one, we all learned to love each other despite our flaws?

     Poppy is an amazing pup, ready to be in a home where she can love her family unconditionally, just as she does with each and every person she meets. She doesn't like other animals (possibly why she places so much of her heart and love solely into people), so she needs a family who is willing to just focus their attention on her, rather than multiple pets. She needs a loving home, as do many of the other dogs at the shelter!

    This is a piece of a larger story, a story that is only at the beginning. I know the perfect family is out there for Poppy. I'm blessed to be a part of her life until then!

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